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Gloria is a rare breed of healers; she heals with precise touch and with generous spirit.  I have relied on her for managing pain and for keeping chaotic life in order.  Thank you Gloria.



Gloria’s approach to yoga really resonated with me. She focuses on alignment and form, with a gentle correction here and there as needed. Gloria always asks before she places hands on students–something that I appreciate. I have learned so much from her that I am now able to spot when others are out of alignment.

Every time I find myself with shoulders out of their sockets, I now remember to check in with my body and put them back! She is just so knowledgeable about anatomy, and (if you ask her) many other aspects of wellness. I highly recommend giving her a try, especially if you’re new or afraid to try it.

In regards to massage, Gloria listened to what I was looking for before my massage, asked questions about my lifestyle, and even what product scents I preferred (or didn’t). This resulted in a personalized experience, so different from some spas that just rub oil on you. She was also very flexible in fitting me into her schedule. I’ve had some horror story massages, and was afraid to relax with massage therapy for a long time, but Gloria is just so easy to be around. She doesn’t lecture, and she doesn’t add in elements that you’re not looking for. You won’t have a bad experience with her.

Robin Baily


I cannot thank you enough for the incredible postpartum doula services you provided. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend you to any mama looking for postpartum support.

Your remarkable array of talents was so helpful – your amazing Montessori background and help with big brother Matt, the way you were able to help baby Nick with his tummy pain and lull him to sleep, your incredible massage work, and help around the house and with errands was tremendously helpful. It enabled me to relax, re-center and be the best mama I could be for both my boys in those tough early weeks with a new baby.

You are such a great listener and a wealth of knowledge about everything baby and toddler. You have become like part of the family and I really hope we can keep in touch!



I have had the pleasure of receiving massage and healing work from Gloria. She by far, is one of the best therapists that I have received massage from. Gloria has a genuine and gentle approach with her work. She most definitely is very intuitive in knowing what areas of the body need to be worked on at the time, and she has been a huge catalyst in my healing experience. I thoroughly enjoy Gloria’s passion for her work, her kind and calming energy, and the awareness she has when helping me relieve pain and dis-ease in my body. I always leave the table feeling better grounded, relaxed and taken care of.

Annette, Ithaca NY Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)


I have been a client of Gloria’s for approximately two years now. She is a true professional who has the unique ability to customize your massage to treat your specific needs. Gloria has a calming, compassionate and cheerful personality who immediately puts you at ease and reassures you that you are in caring hands. Her massage technique is transforming and will ascend you to a state of pure bliss. After a stressful work week, I look forward to my sessions with Gloria who is to able achieve total relaxation and balance in my life. I am so sorry to see her leave New York but she will be an invaluable asset to her clients in the Chicagoland area. I hope to make an appointment with her next time business brings me to Chicago. I highly recommend at least a 90 minute session with her. Treat yourself today. You will be glad you did.